Sunday, June 30, 2013

Party Time!

Hi everybody!

Yesterday I attended my friend Armando's sixteenth birthday party. It was a good time! There was good food, fun games, and I got to meet lots of cool new people. A karaoke machine was even brought out, but only a few brace souls dared to belt out cheesy love songs. As for my outfit, I chose items that are cute, but still comfy and breathable. The last few days in San Antonio have been hot, and I didn't want to sweat buckets. Both the cream top and navy skirt are swishy and light.

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

"last night a blogger saved my life" tee - Mango | navy skirt - Mango | black flats - Zara

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