Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick-or-Treat & Blogtober Finale

Hey everybody! I hope you all are having a fabulous Halloween! I had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with my little brother, Isaiah. We went all around our neighborhood, which really got into the Halloween spirit! Most of the houses we went to were intricately decorated with ghouls and pumpkins and spiders and other great, scary things. My brother went as a pirate, which featured an amazingly long weave. I went as a dark-princess sort of thing, since I found a really cool purple mask that went with my black dress

We spent around 45 minutes going house to house and enjoying the cool Dubai night air. Well, I enjoyed the cool night. Halfway through our trip, my brother started complaining about his hot plastic weave! Haha! We came home with an impressive bags of loot- one house gave us each a full Twix bar! Then we settled in for the night with pizza, popcorn, and my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus. Today's been absolutely fabulous! :) 

Arr! Show me yer booty!

So. Much. Candy. 

Today isn't just a modern day celebration of All Hallow's Eve; today is the end of Blogtober! I hope you've enjoyed this month as much as I have! I can't wait to do it again next year. :) 
<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day: Thriller by Michael Jackson 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 2012 Birchbox

Hey everybody! Today I received my October birchbox, and the theme was transformations. So, this box contains samples focused on jazzing up your everyday routine. 

The first sample is a Harvey Prince fragrance, in the scent Eau Flirt. Normally, I'm not too fond of fragrance samples since they usually smell grandmotherly. However, I really like this perfume since it contains citrus and jasmine notes for an all around fresh and fruity scent. But that's not the best part! It claims to be clinically proven to attract men. See, this saves a lot of time for me. Instead of making a milkshake to bring all the boys to my yard, this scent can apparently do that for me. How nice!

The next product is the Mox Botanicals Pomegranate & Fig Lip Butter. I'm a huge lip balm junkie, and I hope that this lives up to my beloved EOS lip balm! It seems to have the same thick consistency, and smells wonderful! Even though I'm not a huge fan of the potted packaging, I'm willing to give this a shot. 

Next we have the City Sunscreen Serum by Supergoop! I'm not entirely sure why it's called a "city sunscreen", but I'm really interested in a serum form of sunscreen. I'm hoping it doesn't leave a white cast, since high-SPF sunscreens have a tendency to do that. 

I'm super excited for this sample! I've heard only great things about theBalm Cosmetics, and I've been itching to try some of their products for months now. The Mary-Lou Manizer in particular has had great reviews, and I can't wait to try it! From what I've swatched of it, the highlighter seems very creamy and leaves a nice sheen, not obnoxious chunks of glitter. I also adore the fabulous packaging! 

Last, we have the lifestyle extra with is the LUNA Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bar. I've also heard great things about LUNA, and have wondered about it for quite a while now. I love energy and protein bars for breakfast or snacks on the go. The last food extra I was sent in my birchbox was the KIND bar, which I fell in love with! As a result, I have high hopes for this bar. 

Here's an overview of my box. This box was a bit lighter than usual, but I'm excited for a majority of the samples in here. I definitely prefer quality over quantity! 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day: Little Things by One Direction

Monday, October 29, 2012

Modern Day Witch

Hey everybody! I have a secret. I'm actually a witch! Haha, just kidding. I threw this last-minute Halloween costume together using stuff I already had. The main pieces are a little black dress, and black shoes/flats. I coordinated my eye makeup to match my own little witch-hat that I made out of construction paper and TONS of glitter glue. I like it, even though it looks like a cross between a leprechaun hat and the Mickey Mouse hat from Fantasia 2000. Still, this was a fun look to create!

Oh, you know. Just summoning my hat. No big deal. 

This little witch updated her flying vehicle! Brooms are SO last year! 
Up, up, and away!

Here's a closer look at my poorly CONSTRUCTED hat. Haha!
I hope you enjoyed! What are you going as for Halloween?
<3 Lucero

black dress - Target | black flats - Zara | magical wand - magazine sheet and tape | leprechaun-Mickey hat - construction paper, glue, glitter, and magical charms

Song of the Day: Modern Love by David Bowie 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blue, Green, and Ultramarine

Hey everybody! Today's outfit is very casual and relaxed. I focused on a cool-toned color scheme, hence all of the blues and greens. I chose a comfortable striped sweater, since I seem to wear those often. I also added this giant navy bag, which oftentimes feels like a bottomless pit! Then I threw on a pair of my favorite blue jeans, and a foldable pair of army green shoes. 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero 

multitoned striped sweater - Old Navy | lovely blue jeans - PacSun | folding flats - Gap | bottomless bag - Zara 

Song of the Day: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Hey everybody! Today's outfit is centered around my printed tee, which features Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. That movie is one of my favorites of all time, and Hepburn is one of my biggest fashion inspirations. I added on a frilly red skirt, since the shirt itself is rather casual. Then I threw on black accessories so as not to detract from the lovely shirt. 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero

amazing Hepburn shirt - Old Navy | frilly skirt - El Corte Ingles in Spain | tights - Gap Kids | shoes - Steve Madden | black slouch bag - Forver 21 

Song of the Day: Breakfast at Tiffany's by Deep Blue Something

Friday, October 26, 2012

Military Prowess

Hey everybody! Today's outfit takes inspiration from one of the many fall trends, military clothing. I think the whole military trend is pretty cool, and makes good use of the dark green or khaki fall colors. The main piece of this outfit is the military inspired button down which I wore with a tank top. I chose to keep the jacket open, since the shape when it was buttoned up wasn't all that flattering. On my bottom half, I stayed simple with black pants and shoes. 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero

military jacket - Forever 21 | tank top - Target | black jeans - Gap | black stompin' boots - Steve Madden 

Song of the Day: Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hey everybody! 

There's about a week left to Halloween, and if you haven't chosen a costume yet, here are some last minute ideas for you! 

1. Chick magnet - create a big black box, label the ends as north and south, then glue some baby chicks on the front. Not live chicks, of course. 

2. Three holed paper - don a white button down shirt and glue three black circles vertically to the side of your stomach. 

3. Honey Boo Boo - dress up in a black and yellow shirt, carry around a jar of honey, and stick on some band aids. You best redneckonize! 

4. 50 Shades of Grey - wear multiple items of clothing all in the different shades of grey. 

5. Morton Salt Girl - wear a yellow dress with matching shoes, a yellow umbrella, and tote around a canister of Morton Salt. Bonus points for using a platinum blonde wig. 

6. Nickelback - cut out a large circle, write 5 cents on it, and stick it on your back. 

7. Mitt Romney - put on a baseball glove, and stick empty bottles of rum on your knee. You are now Mitt Rum-Knee. Added points for also carrying around a binder full of women. 

8. Tickled pink - wear pink from head to toe, and hold a feather. Proceed to tickle everyone in sight. 

9. Iron Man - hold an iron and take out the wrinkles in everyone's clothing. 

10. Apple pie - write pi on your shirt, and carry around your iPod or other Apple products. 

I hope this has helped! 
<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day : the Monster Mash 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Denim Diva

Hey everybody! The focal point of today's outfit is the denim dress. I really like the three-quarter length sleeves, and the hem hits right above the knee, which is the most flattering spot. I also enjoy the texture and feel of the material. It's denim without being tacky or dated. I'm not a huge fan of the silhouette, it goes straight up and down. So I added a bright red belt to cinch in the waist, and added crimson accessories to match. 

I hope you enjoyed! Until next time,
<3 Lucero

denim dress - Tommy Hilfiger Girls from TJ Maxx | red belt - Forever 21 | crimson shoes - H&M | red headband - I honestly don't know | burnt blood-red bag - Target | ladybug necklace - Swarovski

Song of the Day: Oh no! by Marina and the Diamonds 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pop of Plum

Hey everybody! Today's look is very autumnal. I kept the main pieces dark and sleek. I recently picked up the star patterned sweater, and I'm officially obsessed! It's extremely soft and such a nice fit. The pants are a leather/ fabric mix. The sides are lined with stretchy fabric to allow for extra leg room. I added in color with the scarf and purple handbag. I adore the plum toned handbag, and I love how it fits all of my stuff. 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero 

awesome star sweater - Topshop | leather-ish pants - Target | black flats - Zara | pashmina scarf - local shop | purple hand bag - Carolina Herrera 

Song of the Day: Run Around by Blues Traveler 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seeing Red

Hey everybody! Today I felt like dressing up for no reason and threw on a bright crimson dress. It's only been worn once, and I decided to show it some love. It's a lovely fit, very swishy (for lack of better wording) and romantic. Since I didn't want anything else to detract from the dress, I added on black accessories. 

Hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

the lovely red dress - Express } belt - forever 21 | shoes - Justice | hand bag - Louis Vuitton | ladybug necklace - Swarovski 

Song of the Day: Red by Taylor Swift 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Neon Salmon Pants

Hey everybody! Today's outfit is something I'd wear if I were feeling more formal. The button down satin black shirts gives a polished vibe. I really like the gold accent on the collar. The black bag and shoes add to the uniformity. The neon pink pants are tailored and nice (they're not jeans!) but show off a lot of personality. They're a shockingly bright salmon color, almost impossible to look away from! 

I hope you enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero 

button down top - Zara | pink pants - J Crew | bangles - Jewelmint | flats - Zara | hand bag - Louis Vuitton 

Song of the Day: Polish Girl by Neon Indian 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hearts on Fire

Hey everybody! The focal point of today's outfit is the heart sweater. It's so comfy and adorable, I can't get enough of it! I added on some navy blue loafers to compliment the heart. Then I threw on a pair of bright red pants. Color blocking has been on trend lately, and one of my favorites fads! Then, to add some polish I finished off the look with a tweed jacket.

I hope you enjoyed! Until next time, 
<3 Lucero 

heart sweater - J Crew | tweed jacket - Zara Kids | red pants - Express | loafers - Gap