Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunny Days and Yellow Flowers

Hi everybody!

I apologize for being absent for nearly a month! Life's been hectic with moving houses, as well as flying home to Texas for the summer. I didn't anticipate being so busy, otherwise I would have prepared a few posts in advance. Either way, I'm in San Antonio now, and enjoying the lovely weather! I've had today's outfit planned out for a very long time. The problem with going back and forth between Dubai and Texas, is that my closet is divided and I often leave behind cute items.

First off, I have this dark floral crop top. I've been loving crop tops, especially since they're never too revealing on me. I'm too short! The neon yellow skirt is the piece I had left behind here in Texas, and I'm so happy to be reunited with it. It's flowy, flattering, and a very comfortable length for me. I thought that the outfit would pair well with neutral accessories, so I added a brown satchel that I also rediscovered, and a pair of leather strappy sandals that I picked up recently. I also curled my hair, because I love the length it's grown out to. It helps that the weather isn't devestatingly hot yet, either!

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

|| floral crop top - Forever 21 || neon yellow midi skirt - American Eagle Outfitters || brown satchel - H&M || leather strappy sandals - Pull and Bear ||

Song of the Day: Satellite by Guster

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