Saturday, July 14, 2012

July Birchbox 2012

Hey everybody!

Here's an overview of what I've received in this month's Birchbox.  I've been subscribed to Birchbox for over a year now, and I'm completely in love! If you're unaware, Birchbox is a monthly subscription where you receive a box full of around 5 deluxe beauty samples. It's perfect for trying out new products, without fully having to commit. At $10 per month, it's a fun little treat to look forward to. 

Recently, Birchbox has been teaming up with different companies to provide themed boxes. There's been a Cynthia Rowley Box, a Gossip Girls' Box, and this month was the Glamour [Magazine] Box! It was filled with favorites from Glamour Magazine. 

The first product is by BeautyBlender, and it's the original beauty blender sponge. It's a reusable makeup sponge that can be used for a multitude of products, such as setting foundation or patting on cream blush. I already have a larger size, but I'm so happy to have a smaller one! I love the hot pink color, too! 

The next sample I received was the perfume Hello, from Harvey Prince. I've never heard of this brand of perfume, but I'm really enjoying this month's perfume sample! It has strong citrus notes, with hints of floral scent. I think it'll be a great little perfume to toss into my purse this summer. 

Next in the box was the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Bronze. I've received lip products from Jouer, and even purchased a full size gloss several months ago. the Jouer lip gloss was one of my box favorites, and is to date my favorite formulation. It's shiny and smooth, but not sticky. This moisturizer didn't let me down either! Birchbox even sent the correct color for me- I was pleasantly surprised! It provides decent coverage, but is not too heavy. Great for the summer! 

Here we have a Stila Lip Glaze in Camera. Now, I've purchased this product before, and wasn't a huge fan of the formulation. It looks great, but can feel very sticky if applied too heavily. However, this is a beautiful color, so I'll find a way to make it work. 
Next, we have some Birchbox extras. They're usually not beauty related, but are fun lifestyle extras. I received a pack of "minteas" from Tea Forté. They're mints infused with tea extract for quick little pick-me-ups throughout the day.

Lastly, I received a pair of specially designed neon earbuds. This probably made me happiest, since I've badly need a pair after misplacing my other earbuds. They're fun, pink, and pretty- what more could I ask for?!

Here's a quick look at everything in the box, just so you get an idea of the scale. 

 Overall, I absolutely adored this month's box! I considered unsubscribing a few times in the past, but I'm glad I didn't. Birchbox has exceeded my expectations, and it's been fun seeing the different themes every month!

Until next time, 

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