Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Food Rave: Ladurée Macarons

Hey everybody! One of my recent food obsessions from this past year has been macarons! They're these little French meringue-based confections. They come in a wide assortment of colors and flavors, and are sweet and delicious. The shells are crunchy (think communion bread), while the inside is chewy or jam-like. Macarons are a favorite little splurge of mine, since the tricky baking process makes them pretty expensive. I purchased macarons from Ladurée, a famous pastry shop based in France. Since the macarons are so pretty, naturally I took lots of photos.  

Left to right, the flavors are cherry, pistachio, coffee, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, and rose petal. 

The macarons did not disappoint, and I'll certainly go back to Ladurée for a rare treat. :) 

<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day: Wish List by Neon Trees 

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