Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Afternoon in Miracle Gardens

Hi everybody!

This Sunday my family and I enjoyed a day out at Dubai Miracle Gardens.  It's a beautiful little garden with flowers of all colors and varieties. It's open seasonally, so we jumped at the opportunity to spend one of our last cool weekends in Dubai outside.

First, we stopped at a cute little cafe called Shakespeare and Co. It's decorated in a beautifully whimsical manner - think Victorian Era meets Alice in Wonderland. We ordered pastries and drank iced caramel macchiatos. They also offered macarons, one of my biggest obsessions! I'm definitely returning soon.

How fitting Marie Antoinette should grace my placemat! "Let them eat cake!"

Our actual destination for the day was Dubai Miracle Gardens. The weather was nice, and the sky was reliably cloud-free. I adore flowers, and was in flower heaven here! I really was in awe of the structures they managed to construe out of flowers. How in the world do you turn daffodils into dragons?! Also, the flower colors went nicely with my outfit, and they photographed well.

I hope you all enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Sun by Two Door Cinema Club

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