Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY Sweater Beanie

Hi everybody!

I'm back with a DIY tutorial! As I was going through my winter wardrobe, I noticed that there were a few sweaters I hadn't worn in a while. Instead of throwing them away, I thought it'd be fun to transform a plain old sweater into a cute beanie!

What you'll need:
A sweater to cut up
A ruler
Needle and thread/ fabric glue

This is an old tan sweater I've had for ages from Zara. I think it was on sale in the kids' section, but it's only been worn a handful of times. The color is rather yawn-worthy, and I honestly never want to wear it again.

To start off, cut straight across under the armpit. This doesn't need to be perfect, you'll be doing additional cutting later. 

Wrap the waistband around your head, and measure out how long it'll need to be. Instead of creating an entirely new edge for the hat, we'll use the bottom hem of the sweater.

Next, fold the sheet of fabric into thirds or quarters. It's your call. Then cut a dome shape at the top.

 Now it's time to seal the edges in. Either sew, or use fabric glue to close it up. If you're using glue, wait a 10-15 minutes before attempting to wear it.

Finally, flip the beanie inside out, and you're ready to go! Done! 

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Bang Bang Bang by Mark Ronson

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