Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mini Texan Roadtrip

Hey everybody! 
Here are some pictures from a mini road trip my family and I took. Our first stop was Austin, Texas. We spent the evening at the Oasis, a fun restaurant/ bar that offers free music on Sunday. It was a really fun time! 

Check out the view from the restaurant! It overlooks Lake Travis, and we were seated just as the sun was dipping below the horizon. A fun tradition they have at the Oasis is to ring a bell as soon as the sun disappears!

After spending the night in Austin, we drove up to Fort Worth. We didn't really spend time site seeing, but we caught up  with some friends who live there. We drove over to Dallas after chatting with our friends that evening. The next day, we passed through the small city of Rockwall. I used to live there 5 or 6 years ago, so it was amazing seeing how much it had expanded and grown. Here's a stalker picture I took of my old elementary school; it was the last school I went to before we moved overseas and homeschooled. 
Later that day, we drove from Dallas down to College Station, and visited the Texas A&M campus. My parents both attended, and it's during college when they both met- how sweet! Throughout the day, we went by old spots that my parents used to hang out in, and my mom explained some of the traditions that go on at this campus. 

Shown below is the statue where students go before a major test. They'll put pennies near the statue's feet for good luck!

After a long day of walking around campus in the hot sun, we stopped by Chuy's for some yummy tex-mex food before our drive back to San Antonio. 

Hope you all enjoyed! 
<3 Lucero

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