Saturday, March 15, 2014

EAFL Desert Bowl 2014

Hi everybody!

Yesterday was the EAFL Desert Bowl 2014. I normally don't do very many personal posts, but this was an exciting day for my family and I. My brother (#82) is on the junior varsity Barracuda team and he's a center and defensive end.  They day was really sunny and filled with enthusiastic fans.

As the players left the locker room, fans cheered, smoke went off, and a Barraccuda's remix song filled the air. 

Unfortunately, the Barracudas lost to the Abu Dhabi Wild Cats 35-14. Even so, the team is filled with amazing kids who accepted defeat with grace. I'm still very proud of my little brother and I know they all played their best. 

After watching the JV team play, we all stayed to cheer on the varsity Barracuda team. They had an exciting game and won the championship in overtime. 

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Barracuda by Heart

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