Saturday, July 19, 2014

Princess Diaries

Hi everybody!

There's this dress. It's not an ordinary dress. It's bright pink and covered in beautiful embroidery all along the neck and hemline. It's the kind of dress that demands to be seen, and it makes me feel so fancy. It's such a bold piece that the accessories have to be minimal. Instead, I amped up the hair and makeup. I applied complementary gold shadow and made sure my skin looked flawless. As for the hair, I wore hair extensions for the first time and styled it in a half-up do. I really like these extensions, because they're soft and a bit lighter than my own hair, so it provides the subtle ombré I've always wanted. It also reminded me of how low-maintenance my current hair is. Overall, I just felt so glam taking these pictures, and I wish everyday could feel this amazing!

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

pink embroidered floor-length dress - Anthropologie || black wedges - Ralph Lauren || hair extensions - Luxy Hair || gold bangles - Dubai

Song of the Day: Cool Kids by Echosmith

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