Friday, October 5, 2012

Noir French Twist Nail Tutorial

Hey everybody! Today I'm doing a fall nail tutorial for the nails seen here. They're a twist on the classic French manicure, and are great for people (like myself) who have small nail beds. 

To start out, you'll need a base coat to protect your nails, your color scheme polishes of choice, and a top coat to seal in the design. I chose black and gold, because it's very autumnal and they go well together. You'll also need tape, scissors, an index card, and a bobby pin or dotting tool. 

First, apply your base coat. I always use a base coat, especially when I'm using dark colors to prevent the polish from staining or weakening my nails. The one shown here is the Natural Nail Base Coat from OPI. 

Next, apply your base color. I'm using this black shade from an OPI holiday set years ago. It has some cool silver reflects in it, which give the black some dimension. 

Put on two coats if needed, and wait for the polish to dry for about 10 minutes. Since we're working with tape, I don't want the base color to lift off. 

Cut out some strips of tape, and curve the end. Alternatively, you could use French manicure strips, but I never have any. :) Then, apply the accent color to the ends. This lovely gold polish is from Forever 21. 

Unfortunately, this photo really isn't in focus. This step is optional, but you can also choose an accent nail to do polka dots on. I used a bobby pin instead of a dotting tool (because I don't have one of those either! haha!) 

Finally, peel off the tape and apply a top coat to prevent chips. 

Voilá! Your nail design is done! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Until next time, 
<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day: Two Princes by Spin Doctors 

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