Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last Minute Halloween Ideas

Hey everybody! 

There's about a week left to Halloween, and if you haven't chosen a costume yet, here are some last minute ideas for you! 

1. Chick magnet - create a big black box, label the ends as north and south, then glue some baby chicks on the front. Not live chicks, of course. 

2. Three holed paper - don a white button down shirt and glue three black circles vertically to the side of your stomach. 

3. Honey Boo Boo - dress up in a black and yellow shirt, carry around a jar of honey, and stick on some band aids. You best redneckonize! 

4. 50 Shades of Grey - wear multiple items of clothing all in the different shades of grey. 

5. Morton Salt Girl - wear a yellow dress with matching shoes, a yellow umbrella, and tote around a canister of Morton Salt. Bonus points for using a platinum blonde wig. 

6. Nickelback - cut out a large circle, write 5 cents on it, and stick it on your back. 

7. Mitt Romney - put on a baseball glove, and stick empty bottles of rum on your knee. You are now Mitt Rum-Knee. Added points for also carrying around a binder full of women. 

8. Tickled pink - wear pink from head to toe, and hold a feather. Proceed to tickle everyone in sight. 

9. Iron Man - hold an iron and take out the wrinkles in everyone's clothing. 

10. Apple pie - write pi on your shirt, and carry around your iPod or other Apple products. 

I hope this has helped! 
<3 Lucero 

Song of the Day : the Monster Mash 

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