Wednesday, October 23, 2013

5 Halloween Makeup Ideas

Hi everybody!

Halloween is just over a week away, so I thought I'd share some of the Halloween looks I've done recently in case you're in need of inspiration. They all come with accompanying video tutorials, so if you're interested in a look, just click the title to learn how to complete the look for yourself!

Rosie the Riveter - This is an iconic costume that is easily recognizable. If you already have a denim shirt and some red lipstick, you're already halfway there! Be ready to shout "We can do it!" at any point during the night.

Pop Art / Comic Book - This look is a really fun one to do, especially if you want to combine this with a superhero costume. It takes a little patience, but the end result is exciting. Just be careful not to get wet or sweaty, because the dots will melt off!

Cracked Porcelain Doll - What's creepier than an old porcelain doll? A broken old porcelain doll, of course! This look features cracking porcelain to reveal a human figure underneath. You could adjust the perimeter so that one half of your face is porcelain, and the other is human. Your call!

Deer / Fawn - This is like the overly ambitious woodland version of your stereotypical cat costume. If you don't have the rest of the costume for this deer look, some tan clothes and a cotton bud taped to your rear end will suffice. The plus side to this one is you can follow around the Von Trapp children for a riveting round of "Doe, a deer!"

Snow White - Who doesn't love a Disney princess? Taking inspiration from the original fairy tale, this look features blood red lips and hair as dark as a raven. This look also may or may not include the dress I wore when I was Snow White the first time - when I was ten.
I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

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