Thursday, October 24, 2013

DIY Heatless Waves

Hi everybody!

I really enjoy having curls in my hair, I feel like it's a nice change of pace. However, I don't like putting too much heat (or effort, for that matter) onto my hair, as I like to keep it as strong and shiny as possible. Heatless headband curls are the perfect solution for me, because it's easy, effortless, and provides amazing curls.

For this look, you'll need a hair brush, a thin elastic headband, and a few bobby pins. Start out with damp hair and brush out any tangles. If you want, you can add a texturizing spray at this step.

 Next, push your fringe area forward and slide the head band on top of your hair. Try to keep your hair as smooth as possible, it helps with both rolling up the hair and taking it out.

 Start out with a small section in the front, roll, it and pull it up and over the elastic band. Grab another small section of hair, combine it with your twist, and pull it over the elastic band.

Do this on the side until you reach the back, then start on the opposite side. It helps to use bobby pins to keep the hair in place as you roll and pull through the elastic.

Once you have rolled all the way to the back, take the the last few strands and pin them up in a curl. You can also tuck the little curl into your headband in the back, whichever is easier.

Now that your hair is all in place, hairspray to keep the flyaways down. You can sleep in this overnight, or just wear it for a few hours as your hair dries.

Once you're ready to take out the curls, undo your steps starting in the back. Don't yank on the headband, it'll only create tangles.

Tousle your curls with your fingers, and you're good to go!

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

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