Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY SpiderWeb Nails

Hi everybody!

I'm back with another easy and fun Halloween themed nail tutorial. Today we're doing spiderweb nails, with an accent spider on the ring finger. You'll need about three or four colors, depending on the color scheme you want. I chose opaque black and gray for the spiderweb nails, and green and sparkly black for the spider nail.

Begin by applying one to two coats of your base colors. I chose green for the accent nail, but purple or blue would also look really nice.

Using a bobby pin as a striping tool, I've dipped it into the gray and begun making the stripes needed for the spiderweb. Then, it was just a matter of connecting them with perpendicular lines.

With the spiderweb nails finished, I moved on to the spider nail. I dropped a dot of nail polish onto the very center of the nail, and drew 8 little sticks pointing outward. You can create bends in the legs, I simply don't have enough room on my nail bed.

Ta-da! You're done!
I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Re - Stacks by Bon Iver

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