Saturday, October 5, 2013

DIY Jack-O-Lantern Nails

Hey everybody!

I've been really fascinated with nail design recently, and really wanted to come up with one of my own. My nail beds are really small, so it can be hard to recreate super intricate designs. However, this jack-o-lantern design is both seasonal AND suitable for small nails, so it's a win-win!

The two polishes I used for this design are Butter London's Union Jack Black, and Ruffian's Fox Hunt.

First, paint your nails with the base color. If needed, apply two coats for full opacity.

 Using a toothpick or a nail design tool of your choice, draw in the two triangles for the eyes. It's easier if you press the color in, rather than try to brush it on.

 Next, draw in the smile. I found the easiest way was to draw the smile with a single missing tooth. Any more than that, and it gets really complicated.

Finally, draw on thin lines longitudinally. These give your nails that pumpkin-like effect. You're done!

I hope you enjoyed!
<3 Lucero

Song of the Day: Your Song as sung by Ellie Goulding 

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